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Displaced Elements 2019. Charlotte Fogh Gallery. Photographer Gert Skærlund Andersen.


Displaced Elements

6 min. looping.


The video installation Displaced Elements has the focus on the displacement; on the relation between fiction and space, where forms are dissolved through movement, light, shadow and transparency.

Displaced Elements consists of 2 video sequences where one is projected and on in monitor. From the video screens, furniture-like constructions and objects grow into space, appearing as sculptural elements and lamps that cast light and shadow in OP art-like movements and allow new grids and patterns to form.


Displaced Elements consist of 2 videos in 6 min. looping, monitor, architectural design, 2 vases and branches.




Below stills from the video in the small flat screen standing in front of the wooden furniture construction.





Below stills from the projected video on the wooden furniture construction. The video light strikes the physical vases and flowers and the wooden shelves in the room and creates shadows, and the projection of the same vases and flowers creates a double image on the wooden furnitures construction.