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Awareness of a temperature.

”Awareness of a temperature” consists of a projection on a outdoor facade very close to water and a heating element in a 1 x 1 meter metal box, which is floating in the canal.
the video projected on the façade is showing a radiator, which with different intervals is enveloping clouds of steam . In the same time a physical column of steam is rising from the floating metal box.
From the picture on the wall to the steam from the box in the water pipelines construct a fictive course, which indicate that the radiator could be the heater , which produced the steam.
The radiator is scaled to monumental size.  
displaced from being an indoor object now to be installed in an outdoor place, makes the radiator an icon of global heating, where climate problems are both a private as well as global common responsibility.

To the exhibition Glowing Climate in connection with the climate change Conference 2009 – Cop15, the installation was shown with a 7 x 12 meter projection at the facade of the royal library in Ørestad North and in the canal in front of the library.
A physical metal pipe was here connecting the video picture of the radiator with the metal box in the canal It went at right angles from the projection pointing in the direction of the canal to the box anchored in the middle of the canal.

Sponsors for the presentation of the exhibition Glowing Climate 2009:
Jevi, Lindab, Calamus