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The Installation Lined up by the Sea consist of two videos : Lunch and Blowers. The two works are showed on two screens.

Lined up by the Sea / Lunch and Lined up by the Sea / Blowers are two ilmed performances in which a lunch scene and wind blowers both compete with the sea and the wind.

Several wind fans are lined up along the shore engage in dialogue with the west wind, trying to change the direction of hair, clothing or trying to make a ripple in the waves blowing toward the shore. Walls are lined up trying to resist the west wind and the waves that wash ashore.


There is a similar action is taken by Sisyphus, it is a fight that is already lost, and it questions the individual's position in a larger global context and initiates a discussion on natural forces, climate and the outside.


In a minor stormy weather, a lunch is made at the beach with some of the residents of the area.

The struggle is expanding and linked to the social efforts of the peripheral region to maintain a good life, despite the wind and despite the see and nature forces.

The two videos Blowers and Lunch in the installation Lined up by the Sea can also be shown separately projected on a screen.