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My House is Red- Hot 

24. May - 22. June 2024Charlotte Fogh Gallery, DK


Charlotte Fogh Gallery present the exhibition Our House is Red-Hot – a solo exhibition by Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen. The exhibition consists of the video installation, Particles, and a series of sculptural moving objects, Turning Tubes and Fortune Tellers.


In the video installation, Particles, Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen perform as a kind of female clones of the past plague doctor and a futuristically dressed scientist. Together, they wander through Tarkovsky-inspired scenes - an overgrown fun park, overgrown ruins, a rocky landscape and burning fields - equipped with drones, tools and measuring equipment. Drones flying in jerky movements act as the performers' extended arm and provide vertical perspective, to be able to travel through time and space.


Interspersed with archival media footage, the installation presents a number of different 'reflection rooms', where clips of historical events are interwoven with personal and mythical interpretations through a crystal ball. While particles in the form of dirt, fog or smoke can refer to climate change, pollution, war or a lack of transparency, particles in the sense of eolian dust are also the prerequisite for existence.


The exhibition Our House is Red-Hot takes us on a global journey in a world full of particles with the desire to partly see through obfuscations and extract information about the world's conditions as they are now, but also an attempt to look into the future.


The future is up in the air.



The Danish Art Council, performance of Lifetime Honors 2021






The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Art Awards 2020




5th ÇANAKKALE BIENNALE / Çanakkale / TR /
5th ÇANAKKALE BIENNALE / Çanakkale / TR /